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What's New in Events

Join Amy on October 1st
at the Design for Persuasion Conference in Brussels, Belgium

Conference Keynotes

Here are the abstracts of recent Keynote and Conference presentations.

Click on the Contact Amy link on the right hand sidebar if your group or upcoming conference/event organizers want to explore scheduling and the range of possible topics to fit your theme and audience.:

Web X.0:  When the World puts the Web to Work
Amy presents her unique perspective on the Web’s future—what business models are working in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia, what’s next and how all of this will transform your business and everyday life.  We invested in the decade between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and had 5 years of growth and social change before last year’s global economic meltdown.  Entire industries, sectors and regions are now in the process of crisis innovation and transformation—with the Web accelerating and exponentially multiplying the ways that individuals, companies and government can combine and collectively work together to address the challenges.
Web X.0 takes the WWW to the next level. We’ll quickly review five simple principles of Web X.0 strategy—(1) users create value, (2) network multiply effects, (3) people build connections, (4) companies capitalize competences and (5) new recombines with old.  We’ll show great examples of how these simple principles have been turned into profitable high-growth businesses by both the Fortune 500 and the “Fortune 50Million”—traditional small and medium size businesses worldwide.  You’ll be inspired to “think exponentially” about your business strategy and IT innovation—to achieve 10x customers, 10x partners, 10x faster using the Web to better activate and capture network effects.     

Web 2.0 Strategy: Doing good while making money 

Power up your business with Web 2.0 and digital media network effects.  Join the Fortune 50 Million small and medium size companies that successfully leverage and multiply their existing capabilities, social influence, networks and ROI (Return on Investment) through web, mobile and broadband.
You will learn:

    • Why Web 2.0 is all about 10x speed, 10x users, 10x partners and doing it right now.
    • 5 sure-fire ways to monetize network effects from your existing user and partner base. 
    • How Web 2.0 consumer-focused business models like Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Wii morph into collaborative industry-level innovations like Smart Planet, Smart Energy Grid, Smart Health, Gov 2.0 and global micro-lending.
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