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Upcoming Conference Events

October Design for Persuasiion
Oct. 1 in Brussels, Belgium. www.designforpersuasion.com

Nov Web 2.0 Keybote at the ICC
Nov 5th International Computer Conference in Hong Kong

Government 2.0

Speech Topics
Here's two recent Government 2.0 presentations for a major consulting firm that works with the federal agencies and the State Department, especially in large infrastructure and cross-agency/departmental projects in Homeland, Energy and Health.
The first was for a firm-level Strategy and Technology forum, hosted by the IT and CIO offices; the second was for the corporate marketing group involved in their quarterly budget and strategic initatives planning.

1. Enterprise 2.0 Best Practices in Government
2. Ready for What's Next in Social Media Marketing: Government 2.0 and the Obama Campaign

Presentation:   Ready for What’s Next in Social Media Marketing:  Government 2.0 and the Obama Campaign.

Brief Description:
The Obama case works very well as a compelling overview of Web 2.0 branding, social media ROI,  new mobile and cross-media platforms as well as social networking and online-offline community building.  Using the framework established in Chapter 1 of my book on Web 2.0 ROI and the collective user value of Flickr,  it shows the viral marketing and distribution implementation steps taken by a political campaign to mobilize and activate quickly (within days) its network of users and partners.  Most seminar members, whether in business, government or the nonprofit sector immediate see the applicability of the iPhone example and the use of online social networking to multiply their marketing, visibility and engagement with their profitable customer segments as well as turn loyal customers and champions into advocates and referrals. 

Key Takeaways include:
·        To introduce seminar members to Web 2.0 social media and marketing concepts and tie to the strategy and innovation rules, especially in crisis times. 
·        To provide additional examples of how online network and community activities can be specific and targeted towards both quick revenue hits and also strategically important goals of branding, online advocacy, and multiplying and monetizing network effects. 
·        To provide a self-analysis and assessment using the “Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology of Social Media” of where seminar members are positioned currently within establishing online, mobile and video credibility and trust with their customer and partner networks. 
      To discuss best practices in getting started in Web 2.0 Social Media and how to sustain long-term advantage and benefit from online and offline strategic positioning, branding, community and engagement

Presentation Archives

Brief Summary: Government 2.0, and especially the Web 2.0 savvy presidential campaign has some cool, interesting AND high-impact socially-influential uses of Web 2.0 strategy. 

The Obama campaign iPhone app is a use case that consistently elicits an "aha" about why Web 2.0 business models win hands-down over robo-calling.  See diagram below (screenshot of ppt presentation using Figure 1-9, p.33 of my book)

No question that smart phones + social networkiing + location-awareness can generate 4000 downloads, 20,000 calls, with highs of 100 calls/user in 5 days

Those are "hard" numbers and results for ROI, up to 20k votes in battlefield states, using call-a-friend in 5 days time, with a 3rd party iPhone app developed by a volunteer and freely downloaded from the Obama campaign website.     

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