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Upcoming Conference Events

October Design for Persuasiion
Oct. 1 in Brussels, Belgium. www.designforpersuasion.com

Nov Web 2.0 Keybote at the ICC
Nov 5th International Computer Conference in Hong Kong

Non-profit 2.0

CSLF Civic Sector Leadership Fellows Program
Speech Topics
I was delignted to be invited to speak at the 5-day intensive CSLF Nonprofit 2.0 Leadership Workshop on the Villanova University Pennsylvania campus on the topic:
What is Web 2.0 & Why it Matters to Non-Profits
CSLF stands for Civic Sector Leadership Fellows and is the nation's first Executive Development Program specifically designed for future leaders of the national nonprofit human services sector. The program is co-sponsored by University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business and the National Human Services Assembly.
Key Results: At the end of the Workshop, all members were excited about how they could use Web 2.0 in their organizations and comfortable that they could explain to board members and stakeholders...
1.What is Web 2.0 and how it’s connected to social & value shifts in the news—Google, Flickr, Facebook, Obama campaign, Twitter, social venture, micro-finance, disaster relief.
2.How Web 2.0 can quickly help your group do a better job—in growth, ROI, branding, online giving, marketing, fundraising, community-building, mobilizing, activating, influencing.
3.How you will turn Web 2.0 best practices into action items & low-cost, low risk initiatives. 
Presentation Archives
I'm wowed by cool, interesting AND high-impact socially-influential uses of Web 2.0 globally.  One of the use cases that consistently elicit an "aha" about why Web 2.0 collaboration wins hands-down over more formal structured top-down efforts is INSTEDD.org's wiki response to the Burma disaster

Remember that the whole problem was that the disaster experts and Red Cross personnel were stopped at the border due to political issues, leaving willing, but untrained and ill-equipped Burmese local volunteers at the disaster sites. 

The INSTEDD in Burma example shows how Web 2.0 global web flash crowdsourcing  wikis + mashups can almost instantaneously provide specialized expertise and know-how locally iin the language needed in crisis and disaster situations & what we can learn from disaster tech for next time.  This is a thought-provoking example for Government 2.0--Homeland Security as well as Non-profit 2.0--the Red Cross,etc.   
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