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Strategy & Network Effects

Are you using 5 kinds of network
effects in your business model--Google, Amazon, Apple, Nintendo, Webkinz and NeoPets do...

Collaborative Innovation Matrix

"Successful innovators use
collaborative Innovation--disruptive innovation is so 20th century..."

What is the ROI of Web 2.0?

A look at the real numbers behind
Flickr, Shutterfly and Photo Retail

"This one diagram changed our entire strategy thinking..."


Amy Shuen is a highly respected strategy advisor to senior executives, management, board members, alliance and investment teams. As an internationally recognized strategy professional with more than 10 years experience as a consulting partner and co-founder, she has initiated, developed and orchestrated new, global, strategic, complex and multi-national initiatives and programs for:

1. large multinational corporations such as IBM, European financial groups such as Societe Generale and retail conglomerates such as Pinault Printemps Redoute.

2. innovation and technology leaders, including fast-growing private companies.

Areas of Expertise

Global Strategy
Multinational Alliances
Competitive and Growth Strategy
Innovation and Corporate Venture
Web 2.0 Strategy


High-impact thought leadership, facilitation and collaboration
Action-oriented complex problem-solving with organizational capabilities development
Multi-team guidance, mentoring, framing & visioning
Topnotch and integrated qualitative “soft” and quantitative “hard” analysis

Web 2.0 Strategy Consulting:

The Web 2.0 Strategy Group advises companies on how to achieve better ROIs faster-- by implementing digital, social and mobile business models that leverage their networks of customers, partners and developers.

We work on a monthly retainer basis, performance-guaranteed basis with corporate clients.  Typically clients receive an agreed-upon number of consulting hours to be allocated between project work, workshops and presentations. 


Creating Dynamic Capabilities using Web 2.0 strategy best practices

We work with companies to address issues and find new paths to success in three primary Web 2.0 strategy best practice areas.

Successful businesses integrate:

(1) Strategy and network effects--We combine cutting-edge dynamic capabilities strategy and business model thinking to effectively leverage and multiply capabilities and networks.

(2) Collaborative innovation-- We actively guide and initiate corporate venture and corporate development, partnerships, eco-systems and supplier/developer/user communities to implement key strategies such as platform innovation, recombinant innovation, democratized and crowdsourcing innovation.

(3) Web 2.0 ROI and business analytics--We help shape the ROI cashflow curve with continuous performance measurement and industry best practices benchmarking.


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